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Sybil Investigations LLC. A Dallas Private Investigator.

There are many purposes for a Dallas Private Investigator. In general, they exist to help others ensure their personal security as well as the personal security of their loved ones who are less able, such as their children or elderly relatives. Whether it is mistreatment, child custody, marriage, or divorce we can help. Click the button above to learn more about why you might need a PI.

We offer several services to suit your needs. We will provide for you no matter what challenge you are facing or what information you are trying to obtain. This means we will never oversell you. It also means that we will keep you informed along the way. Click above to view our various offerings and determine for yourself if we can be of assistance.

We will provide you with a free consultation. Because we want you to be aware of your choices, your specific needs, and how you can obtain them. Your consultation should give you a great starting point to make an informed decision. So if we are not the right investigations company for your needs, we will put you in contact with a better-suited Dallas private investigator.

You will be provided a quote after the consultation so that you will have no surprises. This is true even if the investigation takes longer than anticipated. So please inform me of any extenuating circumstances or barriers to payment at the beginning and I will work with you. We often provide discounted services to those hoping to benefit children or the elderly. Click the button above to learn more about our services and costs.


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