Logo of Dallas Fort Worth Area Private Investigator Sybil Investigations LLC

Sybil Investigations LLC is a licensed, Dallas Fort-Worth investigations company.

This is Sybil Investigations LLC. A licensed private investigations company based in Grand Prairie, Texas. Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas.

Logo of Dallas Fort Worth Area Private Investigator Sybil Investigations LLC

Sibyl, often spelled Sybil is the common spelling for a group of prophetesses in Greek and sometimes Roman mythology. There have been many Sibyls throughout time. They acted as oracles for the Greeks by delivering messages from the gods. The Caduceus is the winged staff, with intertwined serpents, found in our logo. It is the staff of Hermes in Greek mythology and of Mercury in Roman mythology. Both of which are the patron gods of speed and travelers, thieves and messengers. What is a private investigator if not a thief of knowledge? A type of merchant? A traveler? A messenger? Someone who is hired to travel to sometimes distant places to quietly and discretely collect intelligence for a profit, usually from individuals who have something to lose, is the definition of a private investigator. Thank you for reading about the inspiration behind our logo, name, and purpose. You can read more about myself below. 

Self Portrait

I am Carson Casaday, the owner and manager of Sybil Investigations LLC.

I have been enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard for over four years as an Information Technology Specialist as well as an Intelligence Analyst and counting. The majority of this time has been spent on missions helping Texans while working alongside Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Officers. I have been awarded the Texas Homeland Defense Service Medal for service in defense of Texas. I’ve worked with Customs and Border Protection during Operation Guardian Support, The Texas Department of Public Safety, and The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, among others. These missions have involved law enforcement support, mitigating civil disturbances in Texas and the United States Capitol, and supporting my fellow Texans in times of need.

At the age of 17, I enlisted into the Texas Army National Guard as an Information Technology Specialist. I completed eight months of training both as a Soldier and as an Information Technology Specialist. I later attended Dallas Baptist University, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts and Science in Criminal Justice. These past two years have been challenging for our citizens and our guardsmen, as our state has suffered dangerous weather systems, civil unrest, political cacophony, and an epidemic. As this hectic season comes to a close, I have chosen to pursue a Masters of Science in Information Systems at Texas A&M Central Texas, albeit at a slower pace.

I am a proud Christian as well as a proud Texan and American. I love my God and my neighbors and gain satisfaction from serving them. The Bible makes it overwhelmingly clear that God loves the truth and rewards the pursuit of truth. The ultimate truth rests in God’s creation and Jesus Christ’s redemption of the curse we have brought into God’s creation. God loves for each of us to live truthful lives and has even explicitly forbidden us from bearing false witness Exodus 20:16 against each other. God says that “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32. I feel called by God to learn of and discover his creation, to serve the people I share it with, whether they are a believer or not, through study, work, and service.