Our Services

Surveillance can be either visual or audio. Visual surveillance is provided both mobile and stationary. Audio surveillance can include recordings of conversations had in public or directly with our private investigator.

Subject Interviews go hand in hand with background checks. We will question a subject to get more information about their background and their character. We will conduct our subject interview in a way that best serves your goals. These can be used to test someone’s integrity and identify errors when used in conjunction with a background check.

Obtain a background check for anyone of interest in your life. Whatever the reason we will check each sex offender registry, criminal databases, civil databases (public and private), and with the Secretary of State. 

Witness interviews help to reconstruct an event which is used as the basis of some claim in court or to an insurance provider. We will research your case and provide you with a complete written report of our interview which should help you understand your case even better.

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Follow targets by discretely installing vehicle tracking equipment. Typically this would be accomplished by having an owner of a vehicle coordinate a time for the discrete install. This is useful for spouses or parents who share a vehicle since permission from an owner of the vehicle is required.

Have us check various public records systems and our own commercial databases to provide you with any document relevant to your situation. This could include assets, business associations, court orders, criminal history, claims, or derogatory public records such as bankruptcy

Monitor a child’s or shared computer that you have access to, or have us remove software that could be monitoring your activities. We also recover, document, and then preserve data which can then be utilized in court proceedings with a clear chain of custody.

If you are worried about someone secretly recording you with a camera or microphone then you can either purchase equipment yourself or hire a private investigator to find and remove the suspect device.


Currently Sybil Investigations LLC charges $40-$50 an hour for our services. You will be provided a quote after your free consultation so that you will have no surprises. This is true even if the investigation takes longer than anticipated. Please inform me of any extenuating circumstances or barriers to payment at the beginning and I will work to provide you with an affordable service at a discounted rate.